Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Inflatable Misting tents

Summer is the perfect time for all the outdoor activities. If it is not too hot. Summer comes with the beautiful clear blue skies and the eternal days, but also, the piercing heat. There isn’t too many ways to beat the heat, but there are a lot of ways to have fun in the sun and put up with the heat.

Here at Inflatable Design Group, we know how much everyone wants to enjoy summer to the fullest and not burn. We have shaped and redone the idea of the misting tents to fit our needs and specifications. We know how much fun we could have during the hot days of summer and what better way to enjoy the summer than with a little bit of water?

With the many unique and innovative shapes and sizes our incredible design team offers, we will make your ideal inflatable misting tent to fit your specifications and needs. Many shapes and sizes are available, whether its a giant inflatable dome tent or a 14 foot simple square tent, along with the logo provided and other ideas approved on and suggested by our design team, these amazing inflatable misting tents could not be a better product for this summer. Inflatables are a great and unique way to promote and advertise your company, team or just to enjoy!

Our inflatable misting tents will not only catch the eye of the public but also attract them to come and cool off while of course looking around at what else you might have to offer.

Like always, we strive to make our products the best they can be for our customers. As summer heats ups, we do our best to keep ourselves and our customers cool as they can be.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Football season is starting, this is a great time to show off your custom giant inflatable.

 The excitement is exploding as football is coming soon to a start. In less than 20 weeks the whistle will blow and the 2014 NFL season will come to a start. Everyone is getting ready, whether its the players in their training camp, the coaches and their endless hours of film or the fans with their apparel supporting their team of choice. However, the excitement doesn't fully go to the NFL, there are many kids preparing for their high school season as spring football is starting soon. Of course, not to be forgotten, the NCAA, college football as they never take a day off preparing for the long awaited Game-Day. When the pads come on, the prayer and pump up are said and finally the amazing feeling of running out of the incredibly designed 10-foot tall, 20-feet long inflatable tunnel leading on to the home field shun on by the unforgettable Friday, Saturday, Thursday, Monday or Sunday night lights.

We at IDG could not be more excited! With a new season, new apparel, new uniforms, new everything, we have to stay updated. We are more than ready to tackle anything in our path, with an amazing design team and many eyes watching every single one of our products, we only deliver the best. We want every player who is giving their all on the field, the weight room and even the film sessions that we are doing our best as well. We are carefully designing the giant inflatable tunnel, logo, helmet or entryway to the very specifications given. With many option plays to go with to enter the field on that long-awaited Game day, no one can go wrong. Our Giant inflatable tunnels are designed with the very own team logo and name given, to represent the team in an unforgettable way as the step on the field under the bright-shining lights led by the roar of the home crowd supporting them in every step they take. The enormous 15 feet tall, 18 feet long Inflatable Helmets are great way to show the other team that you mean business, that your linemen are ready to give it all as they fight in the trenches and your backs are pumped, ready and hungry to represent their team with all that they have.

When it comes to making an unforgettable entrance and striking fear in the opponent even before the whistle is blown, there is no better way to do it than a Giant Inflatable Entryway, ranging from 30-45 feet long and standing proudly 20-25 feet tall, bearing the very mascot that represents the team on the top of the tunnel, always made to the very specifications given. It is nearly unforgettable for the players, as it is for our team here at IDG, when they step on the field through a giant helmet with their team beautifully represented on the Inflatable ready to hit the Friday night lights. Or even when the NFL playoffs start by the team running in through an enormous tunnel with the mascot on top breathing smoke on to the field and lighting up sparks as the captains step on the field.

Many NFL, NCAA and High School teams choose our professional team here at Inflatable Design Group, because we give it all we have and then more, from the Pre-Season to the final whistle, to represent your team with nothing but the best product available.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inflatable Amazing Products

Here at Inflatable Design Group, we are incredibly passionate about what we do. In addition, like most everybody, we have other passions. One of the biggest being sports. We have an incredible opportunity here at IDG to promote and apply our passion for sports into our work.

Since the start of our company, nearly a decade ago, we are proud to say that our list of clientele include some of the biggest and best. As a result, when it comes to Inflatable Sports Games and Identifiable Sports Inflatables, we provide the best products for our clients.

Among these, we include Inflatable Mascots, Inflatable Logos, Inflatable entryways, tunnels and arches, Inflatable helmets and of course, our famous Inflatable sport games, all which will be custom made for your specific team. We promote all sports, from the NHL and NBA to High School Football.

Now we realize that most inflatables known to the public include Inflatable jumpers, Bounce houses and Inflatable Slides. However; here at IDG, we have learned that inflatable advertising is an incredible opportunity to get seen, literally, by the eye of the public world.

In the sports world, advertising is a major part of the business. There are many ways to advertise but nothing compares to a Giant Inflatable Entryway with your team logo or mascot beautifully designed to the specifications given. One of the biggest attention-getters is always a giant Inflatable sports game for your team. Whether its an Inflatable Slapshot game, an Inflatable Free Throw Challenge, or the unique Inflatable 4th and one Game, these games are not only made to provide fun for the customers and attention to the public but also to promote the name of the team in a unique way that is due to catch the public’s eye.

When Game time comes along, with your players focused on the game and the public mesmerized by the feeling in the crowd, nothing compares to the moment when the team steps on the court of field through the smoke coming from the impressive Giant Inflatable Tunnel made to represent each team in a unique unforgettable way. That may be, your Inflatable mascot sitting on top of the Giant Inflatable Tunnel or a Giant Inflatable Helmet leading the team into the playing field.

Here at Inflatable Design Group, not only do we focus on the importance of our products but also the passions that lead our lives and when the two combine, the product can only be the best possible product available.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Preview – Inflatable Pavilions, Spider Tents, and Domes

In our last post, dear readers, we left you with a brief introduction to September’s unique assortment of promotional inflatable pieces.  In this introduction, we talked just a smidgen about giant inflatable pavilions, spider tents, domes, archways, and entryways. In today’s blog post, we’d like to give a brief overview of each piece.  In further posts, we are going to go into more detail.

Monday, September 10, 2012

September Promotional Opportunities from Inflatable Design Group – Outdoor Inflatables

This September, welcome in the fall season with outdoor inflatables suitable for your company’s promotional needs.  Things are starting to cool down, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to bundle up inside.  There are still plenty of great opportunities your company can take advantage of when it comes to promoting your products and services.  This month, we are continuing to feature outdoor inflatables such as archways, entryways, spider tents, pavilions, and domes.

Friday, August 31, 2012

August Wrap Up - Vendor Tents Summary

Well, August has been a fun ride for use here at Inflatable Design Group.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our posts about our vendor tents.  We hope that we’ve been able to educate you properly about the benefits of our promotional packages, including what each piece can be used for.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wave Them On Over - Why You Need Promotional Flags

So far, for the month of August, our Inflatable Design Group blog has covered many aspects of our vendor tent promotional campaign.  In case you haven’t had a chance to read the last posts, then by all means do so.  We’ve got a lot to show you, and we want to make sure you know what’s going on.